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designed to fit your

schedule & budget

Engagement through Creative Arts

and Media Projects

Learn, develop and try new skills

in a fail-safe environment.

workshop projects


We offer innovative, fun and engaging bespoke workshop projects that train in transferable skills and raise well-being.  ​​We create an environment which is relaxed, uplifting, empowering, and fun - as well as absolutely open to everyone's ideas.​ 

Our aim is to 'educate by stealth'.  From our research and workshop experience, we know a highly successful way to engage participants of all ages is in a fun environment where they are actively learning skills through direct team involvement.​

Creative Arts and Media projects have a wide appeal because the variety of roles means everyone can find a way to bring out their creative side.

The end result is a visual project to be proud of, created through team work and able to be shared with friends, family and peers.

Feedback has shown we have made a true difference to the lives of those who have been involved in our projects, through gaining valuable interpersonal and employment skills.

team building

Our team building projects are an innovative way to improve colleague relationships and communication through engaging in a fun media project, such as producing a trailer, short-film or pop video.  A lot of fun!

We also offer the opportunity of using your creative skills and producing your very own promotional company video as a team building exercise.

A member of our creative team would firstly meet with you to discuss your aims to ensure we produce the best solution for your needs - without any obligation.

All of our workshop tutors have DBS certificates and experience of teaching creative arts and media workshops. 

workshop PROJECTS

If you would like to find out more about how together we can create a project for you, please get in touch.