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A Short Film Inspired by the

Heritage of Wyre Forest's Carpet Industry.

Dedicated to those who loved and lived within it.

"It is vitally important that we relate to a particular story.  A flat documentary is not going to work.  You have to build that personal link  between whoever

is coming to watch it and the individual who is portrayed within the film, and within that time period you can show how ​the carpet industry changed."

Mark Oakes - Bond Worth 

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Once a thriving industry, carpet production in Kidderminster is fast being forgotten as production is increasingly sent abroad.  Many acknowledge the industry will never be what it once was.  

​There was a time when most people in the area worked in the carpet industry, but as time has passed and seen more and more factories closing, with less and less people employed, sadly many are not even aware of the incredible heritage upon which their area was built.


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Thank You



Our narrative film follows the life of George, an engineer in the carpet industry.  We see his hopes and dreams, mirrored against the local and cultural history of the carpet industry through the ages within our area. 

​We wish to preserve this essential part of everyone’s heritage in Wyre Forest and Worcestershire though our film so its legacy is not lost.

"It was an honour to direct Tapestry and very humbling that it was so well received by all, especially those who worked in the carpet industry and could have been our toughest critics!"

Coralie Kate Hudson - Director




An innovative community skills-training heritage project produced as a festival short-film, with accompanying documentary.  Participants from the West Midlands had the unique opportunity to undertake active roles, whilst being mentored by industry film crew to develop their talents and ensure broadcast standard.​


  • Very well received by the Museum of Carpet, and will be available as a resource to compliment the museum's exhibits and marketing strategies. 

  • Achieved our objective from Worcestershire County Council: we Included 16 adult learners in the project 

  • We could not have a more pleased executive sponsor:

"Tapestry ticked so many boxes for Bond Worth; a film featuring my company, about the people who worked for the company, promoting the values of the company, and most importantly, raising the profile of my brand in the wider market -  and all expenditure totally tax deductible through our corporate social responsibility policy! You couldn’t buy that sort of advertising!"

The Tapestry project was undertaken in collaboration with University of Wolverhampton, with whom The CBC has a working collaborative relationship.