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A Unique Community Media Company

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"As the founder of The CBC, seeing the organisation

grow from strength to strength ​is simply a dream come true."

A dynamic Creative Producer with the ability to envision creative ideas and manage projects and personnel successfully from concept through production to exhibition. Resourceful, innovative and capable of producing inspiring works with little resources and small budgets. 

I offer a strong range of marketing, media and people management skills, gained through studies and a busy working environment, responding to clients and the demands of producing projects, managing crews and creative promotions & events.


Whilst I thrive on and embrace my role of producer, my great passion and commitment lies in using media-projects to create fun and educational environments through which to engage local communities and residents.


My vision is of community online TV-Stations and sustainable media engagement projects, locally providing skills-training, a community voice and a basis for local sustained economic growth.


'Believe the Dream' - Where it all Began


​Tribal Vibe began as a dream – like many young budding film-makers I had a dream to make a film, but faced with the long arduous task of waiting for funding and resources, I decided to see if it could be achieved another way.


Armed with a passionate belief, an eager team, and support from friends and colleagues, the dream grew into a full blown community project. 

This film essentially marked my true debut as a producer, in addition to it featuring quite a lot of the upcoming DJs at the time, with music also supplied by them – including: Lisa Lashes, Jive Bunny Crew, Lee Haslam, Jake Nicholls, Owen Kilgallon, Native Records and The Lisa-Marie Experience. ​

​“This film is still one the projects I am most proud of, quite simply because of the incredible support I got where a big bunch of friends came together to believe in, follow and achieve a dream." 


​A talented DJ with a dream, Jay wants to make his mark on the local clubbing scene. Haunted by past failures, his insecurity about success prevents him from achieving his goal, but will his love for mixing music drive him forward, along with the realisation that only he can control his future?


International Multi-award Winner

“A shocking insight of immigrant life in Britain”  


​Dealing with an often misunderstood subject-matter many film-makers would rather avoid, ‘Elshera’ is a powerful, dark and gritty offering with such realistic performances from its cast it won the ‘Peoples Festival Choice’ Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival.

“Heart-breaking performances”


Elshera, an illegal immigrant in the UK, owing for her and her three daughters' passage, is bound to Mustapha and forced into his life of crime, exploitation and abuse. When a Giro goes missing again, Mustapha pushes Elshera too far by taking her baby.



Tony has doubts over his forthcoming wedding. Craig is his best friend.  The two are sparring partners. ​Unable to articulate their feelings towards each other within boundaries of normal convention, they instead express their emotions within the ring. 





Three women sharing one decrepit cottage. Three women at constant odds with one another. Three women, each terrified nightly by ghostly figures stalking the old house. Three women. Three ghosts. Three stories set on collision.