6) CBC (CBC White Title with HOLLOW ACOR

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A Unique Community Media Company

Community Interest Company No: 08020762

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6) CBC (CBC White Title with HOLLOW ACOR


our vision

Empowered Communities

6) CBC (CBC White Title with HOLLOW ACOR

our mission

To serve our community by delivering

affordable media content and skills training

our aims

1.  To deliver professional media production services that:

  • Are affordable for all budgets, including small to medium sized organisations

  • Offer opportunities to collaborate with community organisations and media makers

  • Provide businesses with tangible Corporate Social Responsibility benefits

  • Promote the area to assist with economic regeneration and growth

2.  To deliver media training workshops that:

  • Are affordable for all budgets, including small to medium sized organisations

  • Are fun and engaging for all age groups

  • Enhance well-being through team work with like-minded people

  • Train in transferable life and media skills 

  • Produce an end product with infinite opportunities for re-watching

our story


After several years gaining experience in media and education across the UK, CBC Founder Sachia Mooney was surprised to find that there weren't any creative arts centres in Worcestershire. Community hubs in other counties were hives of activity where local like-minded people could collaborate on arts and media projects. 


He knew his community in Worcestershire  would benefit from the same type of creative buzz, so he decided to make it happen.


Throughout CBC's concept and design, our aim has always been to put our community's needs first.


To make sure we knew what this meant, we undertook research:​ held consultation meetings with community leaders and officers; organised forum groups to discuss ideas directly with people in our local area; and reviewed a variety of local commissioned reports such as Worcestershire Make a Difference Strategy and the CBI West Midlands' Survey.


In early 2014, a team of film-makers gathered together to create The CBC’s first Community Project. With heaps of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, all were mentored by supportive industry crew and assigned the task of producing a socially themed short-film. 


​By August 2014, with new company-directors on board, The CBC was officially launched with plenty of local community support. 


Our goal has always been creating accessible media projects, particularly for people who don't have such opportunities. We are setting up Community Media Charity (CMC) with a view to launch by October 2019. 


The charity will produce community projects and CBC will remain a CIC and continue to deliver our media services and workshop commissions. 


Any revenues generated from the CIC will support the charity and the community projects it delivers free of charge to Worcestershire residents.


Our community research will always continue and we will always involve local people in our development and shaping future goals.  


Should we ever cease to trade, as a CIC we have an asset lock in place which means Kidderminster District Youth Trust (KDYT) will benefit from our equipment and resources.

We have a franchise vision to bring the same innovative community and business benefits across all regions of the UK.