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A Unique Community Media Company

Community Interest Company No: 08020762

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Our team has a vast amount of combined experience

and a shared passion for empowering local communities.

"As the founder of The CBC, seeing the organisation go from strength to strength is simply a dream come true."

Sachia M. Mooney

Senior Producer

Coralie Hudson

Writer, Director & Producer

"I strongly feel that creativity should be a part of everyone's lives.  It offers a positive and productive outlet, and a wonderful sense of achievement."

Mark Oakes

Executive Producer

“Being part of something that is rooted in the community, organised to serve the community and helping bring that community to understand a wider sense of its own potential, is a privilege.”

Ian Southall

Head of People

"People crave company and being able to deliver projects which achieve this, whilst embracing ever changing media

is unbelievably exciting."

Alex Hudson 

Documentary & Editor

"With online communities now common place, it's an honour to be part of

a team which embraces it."

"I wanted to get involved in this fantastic opportunity to not only produce a high standard of creative work, but also

to work closely within my community."

Alex J. Horne


Alan Andrews

Company Treasurer

"It has never been so important to embrace the new, with the steadfast values of traditional close community."

Alex Stevenson


"To me, the best films have a real sense of identity, and working within a community is the only way to achieve that."