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In 2014, a team of film-makers gathered together in a warehouse to create The CBC’s first Community Project.  Many had little or no previous experience within the film industry; but with heaps of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, they were mentored by supportive industry crew and assigned the task of producing a socially themed short-film. 

We have a franchise vision to bring the same innovative community and business benefits across all regions of the UK.


It is impossible to individually thank every one who has been part of our journey so far - so many wonderful people have given so much to CBC's development from one man's dream, to the creation of films that are important to so many.

However, there are those who have been supportive along the way who deserve an extra special thanks for enabling us to be where we are today:

Loz Samuels, Kidderminster Arts Festival (KAF) - for her creative advice, support and giving CBC the opportunity of our first KAF commission. 

Miles Griffiths, Serfis - our first CSR sponsor, enabling us to produce our first community project: 'The Means', and subsequently move into our own office space.  With his belief, CBC got off the ground!

Mike Oliver Brooke & Ben Bennett, KDYT - for their constant support and being a source of mentoring and advice on so many topics. 

Mark Oakes, Bond Worth - Initially a source of practical business advice, Mark saw the value of sponsoring CBC and our promise of making CSR a two-way street:  Bond Worth now has its own film telling the heritage of their company.

We thank Mark for his continued support, particularly as someone who shares our passion for local heritage.

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After several years gaining experience in media and education across the UK, CBC Founder Sachia was surprised to find that there weren't any creative arts or community media centres when he returned to his roots in Worcestershire like he had experienced elsewhere.


These creative community hubs were hives of activity where local like-minded people could meet and collaborate together on community arts and media engagement projects. 


He knew his community would benefit from the same type of creative buzz and he decided to make it happen.

In August 2014, with new company-directors on board, The CBC officially launched with plenty of local community support and encouragement. 


To date we have engaged hundreds of people and this number is ever increasing, through our project participants and viewing audience.