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Deeds Not Words

A Short-film inspired by the

Local fight for Women's Suffrage



2018 wass an exciting year as all across the country celebrate's the centenary of women's voting rights and the ladies who fought a long fight for the benefit of all women today.

Following our own survey; it became apparent that most local people (over 80%) were unaware of Wyre Forest's connection to the campaign.​​


​We decided to make a step towards change by creating a three part short film to be screened at Kidderminster Arts Festival 2018.

​Being such an important part of our heritage, we are truly humbled to have produced our own narrative in honour of the Wyre Forest ladies who were part of the fight and changing the lives of women in the UK forever. ​


  • Over 300 people viewed the film during Kidderminster Arts Festival

  • Over 90% of those who came to watch the filmed hadn't previously known that Emmeline Pankhurst had spoken at Kidderminster Town Hall

  • The film was very well received by both the Talbot and Brinton famiiles whose ancestors were represented in the film

  • We achieved our objective to empower women through our project. Out of 15 crew, 9 were female and out of 28 cast, 21 were female

Press For Progress


As the film industry is still predominately male, and our theme a vital part of women’s heritage, our aim was to empower women through our project. 


The film written and directed by Coralie Hudson; was mainly an all female cast and crew; a decision inspired by the #PressforProgress campaign.

We put a call out for local like-minded women to be part our special film project and driving momentum for gender parity in the film world.


We were delighted by the response, welcoming several amazing women on board!​


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Thank You

Deeds Not Words


Written & Directed by Coralie Kate Hudson

Each segment of the film represents one of the three colours of the suffragettes' flag and the meaning it represents:


1.  Dignity – Purple       
​1907 - Sarah Elizabeth Woodward, prepares her first speech to Bewdley Council Chamber as one of the first Lady Councillors ​in England

2.  Purity – White             
1912 - Emmeline Pankhurst addresses a packed audience at Kidderminster Town Hall. 

3.  Hope – Green
Inspired by Emmeline Pankhurst's speech, Helen Talbot forms the Kidderminster branch of Suffragists. Later in 1918, she sees the bill passed for voting rights for women.