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A Unique Community Media Company

Community Interest Company No: 08020762

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We are an established not-for-profit  Community Interest Company that operates as an innovative multi-platform media-house. 

Our ethos and focus is community benefit, rather than personal gain. 



Commitment to our community underpins every aspect of The CBC's activities: from residents' active participation and creation of work placements, to collaboration with like-minded partners;  and whilst always delivering high quality media content. 

Additionally, through the delivery of our community engagement activities, we aim to assist in the development and training of a local sustainable skills base.

Through CBC-TV community engagement projects, we train in relevant employment skills for both today and the future. 

Our Mission

To drive positive social impact and community equality, through people's passion of social media and creative arts 



"The CBC ethos is one of engagement with local stakeholders

and delivering projects for the benefit of all."


Mark Oakes - Bond Worth  

Why Creative Arts & Media?

As the world of media continues to evolve and fascinate,

it is the perfect medium through which to engage people. 

Our research and project experience has clearly demonstrated that when people are engaged in a fun, creative and encouraging environment, their well-being is improved and they feel part of today’s modern world. 


They also tend to learn much, much more.  We like to term this positive approach as ‘teaching by stealth’.  

A Creative Environment to Thrive


We create an environment which is relaxed, uplifting, empowering, fun as well as absolutely open to everyone's ideas.​ 

Media projects have a wide appeal because of the variety of roles, to bring out the creative side in everyone.

The end result is a visual project to be proud of, created through team work and able to be shared with friends, family and peers.

Feedback has shown we have made a true difference to the lives of those who have been involved in our projects, through gaining valuable interpersonal and employment skills.

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