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"The CBC does exactly

what it says on the tin."

Dan Watson

Bond Worth Communications


Deeds Not Words

KAF Commissions


Keen to forge relationships with our local community, especially in the arts, we have undertaken five Kidderminster Arts Festival (KAF) commissions, on behalf of Wyre Forest District Council, and built a positive relationship to create content reflecting the festival’s themes year after year.

This year we undertook an ambitious project to celebrate the centenary of women’s suffrage - one of the themes of KAF 2018.


“I am truly delighted to be working with the CBC.  The content they produce each year adds such value to KAF, and this year was no exception. It was also fabulous to see them go the extra mile, and to have them take part in the festival with actors joining in with the celebrations and promoting the films!”


Nina Price - Arts & Play Officer WFDC 

Make a Short-film


We aim to offer our sponsors rewarding CSR through linking them with projects that reflect their business and community ethos.


Our short film ‘Deeds Not Words’ did just that for Bond Worth, a local carpet company, dedicated to the celebration and preservation of heritage.


We began by researching the history of the suffrage movement in the area and discovered that Emmeline Pankhurst had spoken at Kidderminster Town Hall!  As you may imagine, this simply had to be one of our stories!


“As we share a similar ethos and desire to preserve local heritage, it made absolute sense to back Deeds  not Words."


Mark Oakes - Bond Worth

Relative View

Coralie sat by Camera.jpg


We were commissioned by Worcestershire County Council to run our first adult skills workshop in 2017. The project was the production of three short films offering those out of work and living in Worcestershire, involvement in a fun, innovative and positive creative project with life changing potential. 

Our aim was to use the production process to engage people suffering with common side effects of being out of work, such as depression and loneliness, in something new and different to lift their spirits, meet new people and learn new skills.

It was great to see so many people grow in confidence and embrace their production roles.


"It was wonderful to work with a team who found the subject matter and how it was conveyed so important to them."


Coralie Kate Hudson   

Director - Yesterday's Mistake


Relative View is a workshop Educational Engagement Project to produce a series of three short-films with each presenting a group scenario.  Each examines the interaction between three different characters in the group, and gives a visual perspective of their points of view or 'relative view'. ​

We were delighted to work with three very different groups who all brought such varied ideas to their short films.  It was also interesting to find out what was important across age groups as all subject matters were decided by themselves based upon role play and discussion.  We are so proud of everyone's achievements. 


"The young people report their confidence has improved and that they feel they can achieve more than they thought they could at the start of the project... young people are good at telling their stories and its good for the wider community to listen to them. This often doesn’t happen so projects like this are important."


Mark Oliver Brooke - KDYT

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